AR15 BCGs and Bolt Carrier Groups for AR-9 and AR-10 / AR308

The Bolt Carrier Group aka BCG is often called the heart of the rifle, and the best Bolt Carrier Group for your AR-15 is the one that meets your needs perfectly. This is why AR-15 Discounts is proud to offer a constantly growing selection of AR-15 Bolt Carrier Groups from the best BCG manufacturers in the world.

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AR-15 Bolt Carrier Groups

When looking to upgrade your AR-15, one of the first parts you might want to upgrade is the Bolt Carrier Group (BCG), as the BCG is responsible for most of the firing action that will take place in an AR-15. With different coatings and weights to be chosen for your BCG, AR15 Discounts has exactly what you will need and want for your build.

AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group Coatings

When taking a look at coatings for an AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group, you are most likely to see examples of: Phosphate, Black NitrideNickel Boron, Ion Bond DLC (Diamond-Like Coating), Titanium Nitride, among others. Typically, coatings such as, Black Nitride and Titanium Nitride will help your BCG withstand corrosion and general heavy usage of the rifle. Nickel Boron is very desirable as it requires less lubrication and results in less malfunctions (when treated properly). Ion Bond DLC has been found to have a lower coefficient of friction and greater hardness rating compared to other coatings, such as Nickel Boron.

Lightweight AR-15 Bolt Carrier Groups

Choosing a Lightweight AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group that is low mass or lightweight tends to help the cycling of the AR, and will make the experience smoother with less felt recoil.

Left-Handed AR-15 Bolt Carrier Groups

If you are one of our “wrong-handed”” friends (lefties), we have a fantastic Toolcraft Left-Handed Bolt Carrier Group that won’t break the bank and will have your AR-15 running smooth.