Vortex Crossfire II vs. Diamondback: Comparing Vortex Rifle Scopes and Binoculars

A common question we get at AR15Discounts.com concerns the Vortex Crossfire II vs. Diamondback. It’s a great question, and its understandable as its natural to want to get the most out of your hard earned money. With optics that are less than 300 dollars, it can all seem a bit dubious, leaving you to wonder […]

All About AR-15 Foregrips

AR-15 Foregrips

When it comes to customizing your firearm for improved handling and control, AR-15 foregrips are a popular choice among shooters. These ergonomic accessories provide a comfortable grip and enhance stability during shooting sessions. However, choosing the right vertical handgrip involves considering the mounting system of your firearm. Let’s explore how different mounting systems – Picatinny, […]

The Essential Guide to AR-15 Triggers: Types, and Selection 

Top AR-15 Triggers

At AR15Discounts.com, we know that one of the most impactful upgrades we can make to an AR-15 is swapping out our AR-15 triggers. As the critical link between shooter and firearm, a quality trigger can significantly enhance accuracy, control, and overall shooting experience. Whether you’re a competitive shooter, range enthusiast, or tactical operator, investing in […]

Understanding the Legality of Vertical Foregrips on the AR-15

Navigating the legality of vertical foregrips (VFGs) on firearms, particularly AR-15 models, involves delving into a complex landscape filled with nuances. This article aims to provide clarity on this topic, offering a comprehensive understanding of when and how VFGs can be legally used. Additionally, we will provide a detailed infographic to guide enthusiasts and responsible […]