AR-15 Kits

Discover the ultimate selection of AR-15 Kits, crafted to meet the needs of the most discerning gun builders. Each AR-15 Build kit is an ensemble of High-Quality Parts designed to deliver unparalleled performance and reliability.
Whether you are assembling your first rifle or an experienced enthusiast looking to upgrade, our AR-15 Rifle Kits provide everything needed for a robust and precise build. Dive into our extensive range of options, including specialized AR-15 Cleaning Kits that ensure your firearm maintains peak performance after every use and builder kits that offer the flexibility and all-encompassing components crucial for custom Rifle Builds.
With a focus on precision engineering and durability, our AR Build Kits stand as the cornerstone for any successful gun-building project.
We understand that building your firearm is not just a hobby; it’s a commitment to quality and craftsmanship. That’s why we curate each Build Kit to offer an uncompromised foundation for your project, ensuring that every part contributes to the excellence of your final assembly. Embrace the art of gun building with our top-tier AR-15 Kits and elevate your building experience to new heights.
AR-15 Kits
AR 15 Parts Kits

AR-15 Rifle Kits

Whether you want to start your first build or aim to upgrade your current setup, we curate our AR-15 Rifle Kits to provide you with a streamlined and hassle-free building experience. Embrace the precision, embrace the quality, and take the first step towards assembling a firearm that truly sets the standard.

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AR-15 Builder Sets

Crafted for excellence, our AR-15 builder sets are selected based on rigorous standards of durability and precision. Embrace the art of building your own AR-15 with our top-tier sets and join a community of enthusiasts who appreciate the satisfaction of creating something truly unique. With our builder sets, you’re not just building a rifle; you’re crafting a custom piece that stands out for its precision and craftsmanship.

Popular Builder Sets

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AR-15 Lower Parts Kits

Elevate your firearm assembly with our comprehensive selection of AR-15 Lower Parts Kits, the backbone of any AR-15 build. Each AR-15 lower parts kit in our collection is curated to include all the necessary parts, from trigger assemblies to springs and detents, guaranteeing a precise fit and flawless function.

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AR-15 Upper Parts Kits

Choosing the right upper parts kit is crucial for the success of your AR-15 build. Our selection caters to a diverse range of preferences and specifications, ensuring you find exactly what you need for your project. Invest in an AR-15 Upper Parts Kit from our collection and take the first step towards assembling a rifle that exemplifies excellence in performance and design.

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AR-15 Lower Build Kits

With each AR-15 Lower Build Kit, we offer a comprehensive suite of parts, meticulously chosen to ensure they work seamlessly together, enhancing the overall functionality and ergonomics of your rifle. The components included in our kits are manufactured to precise tolerances, ensuring a perfect fit and function that elevates your AR-15 build beyond the ordinary.

Popular Lower Build Kits

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AR-15 Receiver Sets

Crafted from the finest materials, each AR-15 Receiver set includes both the upper and lower receivers, ensuring a perfect match for optimal performance and reliability. This harmonized pairing is crucial for the seamless integration of additional components, facilitating a build process that is as efficient as it is enjoyable.

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AR-15 Upper Combo Kits

Each AR-15 Upper Combo Kit includes essential components such as the upper receiver, barrel, handguard, and more, all precision-engineered to work together flawlessly. This cohesive approach not only saves time but also guarantees that each part contributes to the overall performance and accuracy of your AR-15.

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AR-15 Cleaning Kits

For enthusiasts who demand the best, our cleaning kit for AR-15 ensures that your rifle maintains peak performance after each use. These kits are not just about cleaning; they are about preserving the precision and excellence of your firearm. Equip yourself with our AR-15 Cleaning Kits and experience a new standard of firearm maintenance, where every clean ensures a flawless performance on your next outing.

Popular AR-15 Cleaning Kits

Popular AR-15 Cleaning Kits