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AR-15 Triggers

Getting the right trigger for your build can make all of the difference in the world. Often times, this can make the difference between winning your competition, collecting that hog you just put down, or even proving to your friends that you’re the best shooter in the group. Let’s take a look at some of the triggers that you might be looking at, when on our site:

  • Single-Stage
  • Two-Stage
  • Flat Triggers
  • Curved Triggers

Single-Stage Triggers

Single-stage triggers are the most common triggers to come across and are used in many other firearms across the world. You have most likely used one of these, once in your life. Single stage triggers will have virtually no over-travel and will have a consistent and clean break.

Typically, single-stage triggers have a lighter pull weight. You will usually see anywhere from 3-4 pound pull weights on single-stage triggers. This is why they are great options when it comes to accuracy-drive pursuits, such as competition shooting.

Examples of Single-Stage Triggers

Dirty Bird Industries Single-Stage Nickel Teflon Trigger Group – The first Dirty Bird Trigger features polished engagement surfaces and a beautiful Nickel Boron finish. The trigger pull is very smooth and has little to no take up. With a 5-5.5 lb pull, you can’t go wrong with this trigger.

Hiperfire EDT Designated Marksman Trigger – Hiperfire triggers are some of the best in the world, and the EDT line is no different. Featuring their trademarked radical sear mechanics, you get a medium pull weight between 4.5-5 lbs. The Swingfast hammer head provides a more accurate experience. This crisp, clean trigger is an instant upgrade to a stock trigger.

Rise Armament RA-140 Drop-In Trigger – This is considered by many to be the best bang-for-your-buck trigger on the market. Not only is this our most popular drop-in trigger on the site, but the RA-140 has hundreds of 5 star reviews across the internet. With a crisp 3.5 lb pull and a clean break, you should not sleep on this trigger. It even comes with a free pair of anti-walk pins and comes with a flat and curved blade.

Two-Stage Triggers

Two-stage triggers require a second pull range to fire the weapon. The first stage will usually take the most effort and will be the heaviest portion of the pull. Once you have reached the second stage, the trigger will once again, have a clean and crisp break.

Two stage triggers have become increasingly popular over the last several years. They are very useful in hunting situations and are often used in the military and law enforcement communities.

Examples of Two-Stage Triggers

Geissele 2-Stage G2S Trigger – The G2S was designed with the customer in mind, with a cost-effective approach. This trigger features a 4.5 lb pull and allows for precise trigger control.

Geissele SSAE Trigger – The SSAE was designed to be used in marksman situations where accuracy is of the upmost importance. The SSAE has enhanced trigger control while still maintaining its robustness. The SSAE features a reduced pull weight for the first stage and a crisp and very light second stage.

Curved Blade Triggers

Curved Triggers are some of the most common ones in the industry and have been traditionally used in many AR’s. Many people like to use the Curved triggers, when they are doing precision shooting. Many curved triggers will be used in hunting situations and plinking at the range.

Examples of Curved Triggers

Velocity Drop-In Trigger – Curved – 3lb – The Velocity Triggers are some of the most underrated ones in the industry. Velocity Triggers have a diamond-like-coating which provides for a low coefficient of friction and high micro-hardness. This single-stage trigger features a 3 lb pull.

Hiperfire HIPERTOUCH Elite Trigger – The HIPERTOUCH Elite trigger is one of the best triggers that you can get for an AR. This single-stage trigger has adjustable pull weights between 2.5-3.5 lbs, and has virtually no over-travel. The curved blade also comes with a backbone.

Flat Blade Triggers

Some people prefer flat blade triggers because they have a larger surface area for contact and have a longer reach. Many flat blade triggers are used in competition arenas as they are useful in speed.

Examples of Flat Triggers

Velocity Drop-in Trigger for AR-15 – Straight w/ Finger Stop – 4lb – These velocity triggers still feature everything that made the original Velocity triggers great. These straight blade triggers feature the Velocity finger stops and feature a 4 lb pull, making this a great all-purpose trigger.

Geissele SSP Dynamic Flat Bow Trigger – Geissele’s first single-stage trigger also happens to be a flat-bowed trigger, as well. This trigger has no take up and a super clean break with a pull weight of 3.5 lbs.The SSP is made from S7 Tool Steel to make sure that it will endure the toughest of conditions.

Competition Suggestions:

Hunting Suggestions: