What is NBS? NBS stands for “No Bullshit” and it is our house brand. These products are either sourced from reputable OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or are assembled in-house using name brand parts and components. All NBS products are backed by the NBS Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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NBS Parts & Accessories

As we expand our network of suppliers and vendors, we come across some parts, typically made by or for large brand-name manufacturers and we will setup an agreement with that supplier to buy parts in volume and resell them under the NBS brand.

NBS Complete Uppers

Here are some of the ways NBS Complete Uppers are superior to other “budget” uppers on the market:

  • We use a nitrided steel gas block. Many budget uppers you see out there in the wild are using cheap aluminum gas blocks. Not good.
  • Speaking of the gas block, we use the set screw type (with Permatex® blue threadlocker) and we dimple and cold-blue each barrel.
  • All 16″ and longer complete uppers are guaranteed to hold 1″ MOA or better  3 shot groups using match grade ammo and proper shooting technique when shot from a rest.
  • We back our complete uppers with a NBS Limited Lifetime Warranty.