Moving Sale

We are leaving California and we will be moving our headquarters to North Carolina! This will allow us to sell more rifles, parts, and tons of other items we have not been able to previously! We couldn’t have done this without all of our customer support and we are forever grateful!

With all that said, moving sucks, and we don’t want to move all of this product we have! So, for a limited time, EVERY. SINGLE. CUSTOMER. is eligible for our wholesale tier and brand discounts!

Below, you will find more details about the Wholesale Pricing, including all of the brands that are eligible for an extra 5% off!

  • Additional discounts for select brands:
    A*B Arms, Arisaka Defense, Armaspec, Ballistic Advantage, Centurion Arms, Dirty Bird Industries, Elite Tactical Systems, Faxon Firearms, Forward Controls Design, Griffin Armament, Hiperfire, Hera Arms, HM Defense, Juggernaut Tactical, Kaw Valley Precision, Kynshot, Lantac USA, Luth-AR, MVB Industries, ODIN Works, Precision Armament, Radian Weapons, Rise Armament, Reptilia Corp, Superlative Arms, SB Tactical, Scalarworks, Sprinco USA, Velocity Triggrers, VG6 Precision, 17 Design and Manufacturing.
  • Tiered discounts based on order total
    • $150 – $499 = 10% Off
    • $500 – $999 = 12% Off
    • $1,000+ = 14% Off
  • Please note, some products such as daily deals and advertised specials are excluded from wholesale program discounts, these products will say “Excluded from additional discounts” on the product page.

Happy shopping, and help us sell all these parts! 😉


Will you still do Cerakote in Bakersfield? 
Yes, absolutely. We will have cerakote capacity both here and in NC.

Will we still have a presence in Bakersfield?
Yes, we’re converting the Bakersfield location to a storefront. We will locally stock 500-1000 of our most popular products. They will not be available for “buy online, pickup in store” at this time but will be available by phone or to walk-in customers. PLUS, in the near future we will also be stocking a curated collection of complete pistols, rifles, shotguns and ammunition for sale to local our Central Valley customers.

Will Raleigh Location have Local Pickup / Storefront: 
Storefront: Not at this time.
Local Pickup: Yes.