Rogers is a reputable firearms accessories company known for producing high-quality and innovative products for gun enthusiasts and professionals. One of their most popular products is the Super-Stoc, a collapsible buttstock designed for AR-style rifles.

The Super-Stoc is known for its exceptional durability, adjustability, and comfort. It is made with a high-impact polymer body and a rubber buttpad that provides a comfortable and secure grip. The stock features six different positions, making it easy to adjust for length of pull, and it also has a removable battery storage compartment that can hold two CR123A or AA batteries.

The Super-Stoc is designed to be easy to install and maintain, and it has received many positive reviews from satisfied customers. It is a popular choice among gun enthusiasts who want a reliable and comfortable stock for their AR-style rifle.

Overall, Rogers is a top choice for gun enthusiasts who want high-quality and reliable firearms accessories. Their products are widely respected in the firearms community, and they are known for producing some of the best stocks on the market, including the Super-Stoc.