Ballistic Advantage Barrels

In the market for Ballistic Advantage Barrels & AR Parts? Founded in 2008, Ballistic Advantage, a popular manufacturer of quality AR-15 parts and accessories, is committed to making AR-15 barrels that deliver rounds accurately, consistently, and reliably. Plus, all of their barrels come with a sub-MOA accuracy guarantee— they are guaranteed to perform with match grade ammunition!

We feel Ballistic Advantage has developed one of the best AR-15 Barrel lineups we’ve ever seen, including the "Modern Series", "Performance Series" and "Premium Series" barrels. The BA Hanson profile is BA's proprietary barrel profile developed to mitigate barrel "whip" by using a shoulder-less design. This allows the barrel to return to its home position more quickly, and has the added benefit of significantly reducing the weight of the barrel without sacrificing structural integrity.

Popular Chamberings include the 5.56 NATO, 223 Wylde, and the 9mm offered in an incredible variety of barrel lengths, including: 7.5", 8.3", 10.5", 14.5", 16", and 18”.

All Ballistic Advantage barrels and other premium products are 100% American made at their facilities in Orlando, Florida. Buy with confidence knowing knowing that you'll the best price, fast shipping, personal service and the Satisfaction Guarantee!

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