Is the Springfield Hellcat the best EDC pistol? – Dirty Bird TV

James from Dirty Bird TV gives a complete hands-on overview of the Springfield Hellcat, which has proven to be a reliable choice for concealed carry. So, why focus on the Hellcat? With so many high capacity yet compact 9mm handguns flooding the market these days, the choice on what to choose has become more difficult than ever before.  Over the past few years, one of the standout offerings out there has been the “micro compact” Springfield Hellcat. The Springfield Hellcat entered the scene in 2019, offering a high-capacity 9mm Luger handgun with a 11+1-round capacity in a compact package. On paper, that sounds great, but what’s the real story with the Hellcat, and is it worth your time and money…and more importantly, is it a gun you can bet your life on? Spoiler – yes, with some caveats.

So what makes the Hellcat a standout in an increasingly crowded market? Well, for us, what truly distinguishes the Hellcat is not just its impressive capacity but also its accuracy and ergonomics (your milage may vary on how it feels in your hand). For instance, the Hellcat’s grip angle mirrors that of the renowned M1911, offering a lower bore axis and enhanced grip on the back.  

Just as important, the Springfield Hellcat is also perhaps the most accurate handgun of its type out of the box.  That said, practical accuracy while moving might be a different story depending on how the Hellcat feels in your hand. This is actually a crucial point – with a gun like this, you will want to shoot this gun to ensure it feels comfortable in your hand. There’s a lot to evaluate, including its recoil impulse, the trigger, how it moves in your hand, and more. If there is a criticism of the Hellcat, it is that its recoil impulse is harsher and hits harder than that of other handguns in its category. 

Springfield Hellcat

The reasons why this is case are vaporous, but if there is a reason to pick something other than a Hellcat, it would be its harsher recoil. Keep in mind, this may or may not be an issue for you. The only way to know for sure is to test it out prior to purchase, or accept the fact that this is a defensive tool, and not a pistol meant to hammer out 1,000 rounds in an afternoon at the range.

Accuracy and reliability are key, indeed. While other factors may pose challenges at longer distances, for close quarters—which is the intended use for micro pistols—the Hellcat stands out as a superior choice.  Picking a concealed carry handgun is about more than just capacity and ergonomics. You might find that once you have the handgun in your possession, you want to tweak it to better meet your needs.  In the real world, this would probably mean upgrading from irons to a red dot, something we’d recommend IF you are committed to training with the it and learning how to be effective with a red dot on your pistol.

Thankfully, Springfield has also enhanced the user experience with features like a factory-milled optics cut, making it easy to mount a micro red/green dot for faster target acquisition. The Hellcat Pro model takes these features a step further with a 15+1 capacity, directly competing with other high-capacity options in the market.

Finally, let’s touch on, what to us is paramount with a gun like this – reliability.  For its intended purpose, concealed carry, this is a gun that simply must work when the trigger is pulled.  While experiences may vary about ergonomics, sights, etc., one area where there is no debate about the Springfield Hellcat is its reliability.  When buying a handgun for self defense, could anything else be more important?  We’d argue no.  In our experience, and in doing deep research on the Hellcat’s reliability, we’ve seen some reliable tests showing that the Springfield Hellcat is the single most reliable handgun of its kind.  There’s enough information online and videos putting the Hellcat through its paces to know that this gun is a winner. Its reliability, accuracy, concealability, and capacity make it a top contender for those looking for a reliable EDC piece without sacrificing firepower or comfort.

One of the Hellcat’s most impressive aspects is its versatility. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a beginner, the Hellcat offers a package that’s easy to carry, comfortable to shoot, and reliable. It’s a testament to Springfield’s commitment to providing a firearm that meets the diverse needs of today’s carriers.

Conclusion – Springfield Hellcat

We see a lot of handguns come thru our doors at Evaluating from every angle that matters, we feel that the Springfield Hellcat emerges as a standout choice in the increasingly crowded field of compact, high-capacity 9mm handguns. While its recoil may be more pronounced than some of its competitors, this factor is often overshadowed by its reliable performance and ease of customization, including a factory-milled optics cut for easy attachment of micro red/green dots. Notably, the Hellcat’s reliability is a major selling point, particularly for those considering it for concealed carry. Its proven dependability, coupled with its functional design and adaptability, positions the Hellcat as an excellent choice for both new and experienced shooters looking for a versatile, everyday carry firearm.