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A high-quality gas block is one of the most important components for a custom AR build. Whether you're shooting a suppressed .300 Blackout pistol, a long-range 6.5 Grendel rifle, or a classic AR-15 in 5.56x45... ODIN Works has an adjustable gas block for any project. The ODIN Works .750 Adjustable Low-Profile Gas Block has many features that make it unique among its competitors.


It’s machined from a solid block of carbon steel for additional strength versus cast gas blocks. This gas block features a durable Black Nitride finish and it weighs just 2.10 ounces overall. The adjustment screw and detent spring are made of a special super-alloy known as Inconel. ODIN Works manufactures the gas adjustment screw and detent spring out of Inconel because of its ability to handle high pressures and extreme temperatures. The gas adjustment screw offers 20 individual settings, with no set screws needed to hold it in place. Instead, it utilizes a ball detent, spring, and set screw.  


Tyler K. from The Truth About Guns says: "As I've come to expect from ODIN, this was a well thought out and well executed piece of gear. I had zero issues installing or adjusting it. Many months and several hundred rounds later, it still looks and functions great."

With over 100 reviews at the time this was written, all of which have a 5 Star rating, it’s hard to go wrong with this gas block. Not to mention the AR15 Discounts Satisfaction Guarantee. The AR15Discounts.com satisfaction guarantee means that if you're not happy for any reason, you can send it back within 30 days for a full refund.


This ODIN Works gas block has a .750” inch inner diameter which is the standard size for most medium, M4, or HBAR type barrels. Be certain that you measure the gas journal of your AR barrel for proper fit. Please reference the picture below for the area to measure.


  • .750" inch Gas Block
  • Inconel Alloy adjustment screw and spring
  • Detent ball, cross pin, set screws 
  • hex wrenches included

Technical Specs:

  • 20 separate adjustments possible
  • Fits .750" diameter gas journals
  • 2.10 ounces overall weight
  • Carbon steel construction
To Disassemble for Periodic Cleaning:

1. Loosen set screw #1
2. Loosen and remove screw #2.
3.Carefully remove spring and detent ball.
4. Remove gas adjustment screw #3.
5. Soak in cleaning solvent.

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Tanya R.
United States

Second to none

Fast shipping and best prices all around. You guys are awesome

Jeff G.
United States

long story short, Fixed a problem I shouldnt have had.

Long story long. Absolutely outstanding. I purchased an Aero .308 upper and lower from ground zero precision (Never buy from these people). I bought a matching set because I know the AR10 can be finicky, and I didnt want compatibility problems. Well I ordered an M5 E1, upper and lower. I waited a month for them to fill the order, and I got an upgraded M5 upper, that they didnt even take the time to assemble properly. I could hold the muzzle and the upper reciever and make them rattle because the barrel nut hadnt been installed correctly. So I call and they send me the upper that I actually ordered. Finally get it to the range, and Im having missfeeds, and the bolt wont lock back on an empty magazine, because they didnt put a short buffer in to compensate for using an AR15 buffer tube, on an AR10. Call again, and get a short buffer. Then I keep having missfires, turns out, the gun is so overgassed that Im having bolt bounce. This is when I discover that the forward assist doest work, and I have to use my finger to push on the side of the bolt carrier to put it back into battery. Call back Again, and they promise to send me a longer .308 specific buffer tube, a high pressure bolt and pin, a heavy buffer, and a new forward assist. I wait....... a month, before I get fed up and buy a new buffer tube myself ( I already had a heaveir spring and buffer). It helps, but doesnt eliminate the problem. This gas block eliminated the problem. No more bolt bounce, and I dont need to use my new forward assist, because my rifle is now reliable. Every AR platform in the world should have an adjustable gas block, and this one fits the bill. Clickable, indexable, repeatable adjustments, so you can change the setting based on suppressed subsonic, under, or overpowered loads. Super easy to install and tune. Just outstanding. Oh, and dont buy form ground zero precision.

Kevin G.
United States

Overall happy

Product arrived with no damage, good packaging, and shipped promptly. Odin works adj gas block works great for my PA-10. Just what I needed to solve the over-gassing issue. Much softer felt recoil. Happy with my purchase.

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