Whether you’re a hobbyist or a military man, Mission First Tactical will help you accomplish your mission. They develop AR15 rifle and carbine parts and accessories mainly for military and law enforcement markets, but avid civilian shooters can also greatly benefit from their cutting edge products. Mission First Tactical uses only the highest-quality materials available today, tested rigorously by top operators under the harshest conditions. When you buy a Mission First Tactical product, you’ll know you’ve got something built tough—something built to last.

The MFT BATTLELINK Minimalist Stock - Mil Spec will take your rifle to optimum levels— it’s the lightest stock on the market! Manufactured with specially developed Military Grade reinforced, super tough polyamide, this stock holds true to the basics while adding functionality with the minimal amount of material possible. Get it now from AR15 Discounts and save!

The MFT REACT Ergonomic Vertical Grip is available in several colors and will allow you to get a good grip even with wet, gloved or large hands. It allows your support hand to apply rearward pressure to keep your weapon shouldered, enhancing muzzle control and accuracy. Other best-selling Mission First Tactical products available from AR15 Discounts include: the MFT Flip Up Front Sight, the MFT REACT Short Vertical Grip, the MFT Flip Up Rear Sight, the MFT Flip Up Front Sight, and the MFT BATTLELINK Minimalist Stock with NRAT Strap.

Trust Mission First Tactical’s 75 years of industry experience and get the AR15 parts that will give your weapon the edge. Get the above Mission First Tactical products and more from AR15 Discounts and save!

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