Manticore Arms is a design firm with manufacturing capabilities that takes ideas for firearms related products from concept to market. We specialize in both aftermarket support of popular firearms and in OEM design for other firearms related companies.

Manticore Arms develops original, forward thinking products for the firearms community. Every product we develop must adhere to three principles for it to be considered in our product line:

Function: Every product is initially conceived to either fill a need where a product does not already exist, or to improve the function of an existing product.  Multiple initial concepts are developed on paper and then brought to life in model and prototype form.  Only after we are satisfied that the product offers something not available or improves on the function of an existing product will  the product move forward into production.

Aesthetics: It is easy to make a product that works, but even the most spartan shooter wants his rifle to look good.  All products are designed to have visual appeal which often has its own synergy with function- smooth lines and refined design not only give a product visual appeal, but also can improve ergonomics and make a product that will not snag or hang up on your gear. Ultimately, the appearance of our products reflect our design sensibilites, and if your rifle looks good, we look good.

Value: It is easy to design a product that works and that looks good, but at the end of the day, if it is not affordable, no one is going to use it.  When developing products we often ask independent reviewers what they think the market price of our products should be, and almost always our price point comes in below what they expect. Every product is analyzed from a manufacturing standpoint to improve the efficiency of production.  In the end, we want you to get more performance for less cost.