KYNTEC Corporation was founded in 2012 with the goal of introducing innovative shock absorber and rate control designs to market. Our founders believed that the focus of the organization should be solely on the customer, and developing and implementing energy absorption and vibration isolation solutions for their needs. Our robust product designs allow engineers to effectively reduce weight, cost, and provide extend service life over a variety of applications.

It was not long after our inception that the AR15 and Modern Sporting Rifle market began to grow and quickly became one of the most popular rifle platforms on the planet. We recognized the demand for a better recoil solution and launched the KynSHOT™ brand to improve user experience and proficiency with these firearms. What started as a single AR15 Carbine buffer has grown to include models for multiple platforms, gas systems, and applications and has become the industry standard in buffer technologies.

Gun buffers aside, the niche specialty of KYNTEC Corporation truly lies in our capability to design, develop and manufacturer custom engineered shock absorbers, rate controls, and other motion control products with short lead times. What many of our customers find unique is that we do so at highly competitive prices, and without compromising on quality. The in-depth expertise of the KYNTEC Corporation engineering team may be further evidenced by the multiple patent awards and patent pending designs they have achieved throughout their professional careers.