The origin story of Grey Ghost Precision begins with a specific request from a U.S. Military Special Operations Unit. The soldiers had a need for a highly accurate 16 inch semiautomatic rifle platform chambered in a harder hitting caliber with longer effective range than the standard 5.56x45 round. The metrics were that the rifle would have to be truly weight saving, rugged, exceptionally accurate at extended range and capable of handling the spectrum of ammunition variants available on the battlefield– All while resembling the profile of a standard issued rifle.

Deception was a key factor. If the rifle appeared to be a standard M4 with the limitations of the 5.56 caliber, then an observing enemy would likely under estimate the range capabilities of the unit, which would be a costly mistake on their part.

The project started with indepth consultation with combat experts, including instructors from the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center (JFKSSWC) and other combat specialists with several deployment's worth of experience in weapons platforms. After establishing all the criterion for the platform, we then turned to the leading innovators of the Firearms Industry to give it life.

Working in collaboration with Mega Arms back in their hay day, we began the arduous process of building the best 16 inch gas-operated gun in the world. The amount of blood, sweat and love involved in the inception of the first platform is immeasurable. The GGP S Series Heavy .308 was born, and is still considered one of the most reliable and accurate 30 cal semi-automatics on the market.

The S Series Heavy was deployed down range and delivered such a punch that it earned a reputation amongst the enemy forces it went up against. The nickname given to this rifle translated to the 'Barking Dog' from its vicious report and intimidating presence on the battlefield. After such great feedback, we then set about taking what we learned about the .308 platform and developed 5.56mm, .300 BLK and 6.5 Creedmoor variants.

We learned that we could truly make a difference for our soldiers on the weapons side with our engineering acumen and use of end user feedback, just as we have in the nylon and armor industries. Today the rifle line has evolved into the MKII Line, with certain proprietary parts replaced with more modern, modular options that allow users to more easily service and build upon their GGP rifles. These rifles are 100% Grey Ghost Precision, and have earned a reputation for being extremely accurate tools of precision both in the hands of soldiers, as well as first responders and citizens who depend on their equipment with their lives.