In 1978, Jack and Teresa Starnes started a little part-time business selling reloading parts at local gun shows as “J&T Munitions” in Winchester, Kentucky. As time passed, local gun shows turned into nation-wide shows and reloading parts turned into gun parts and accessories. Their little side hustle slowly grew into a full-time business.

As time progressed, the Starnes’ grew the business. As a distributor, J&T was among the first civilian sales outlets for brands like Knights Armament, GG&G, and Magpul. As the AR15 world of accessories progressed, so grew the product line for J&T. AR15 kits became the bulk of our sales and before long, requests for rifles built with the same quality came pouring in.

Teresa and son Jesse answered the call by forming DoubleStar Corp (two Starnes’ = Double ”Star”). DoubleStar Corp was initially founded as a rifle manufacturer, but later became and is now the umbrella over several companies including ACE Limited, DoubleStar Training Academy, and most recently, Outlier Knife Company.

The acquisition of ACE Limited was a stroke of great luck. While searching for customers for our newest 6-position stock body, Bob Weir, founder of ACE Limited, was looking to sell his business. ACE LTD. had an already established an outstanding reputation for American-made stocks and receiver blocks for many different firearms. The marriage just made sense and in 2010, ACE LTD. came home to Winchester, KY.  Since the purchase, DoubleStar has continued to grow the ACE LTD. product line as well as update old designs with new features.

DoubleStar and our products are designed with purpose, improving function over original designs while setting trends seen across the globe, crafting new designs with input from our customers and partners, and built for victory across all battlefields and competitions. When you purchase products from us, you can sleep well knowing you, your family, and all who depend on you to provide protection are covered by some of the best products on earth.