Suppressor Restrictions

Process for Suppressors

  1. When ordering a suppressor (silencer), will need to have the FFL holder’s Special Occupational Tax (SOT) and Federal Firearms License (FFL) on file. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to contact the FFL holder handling the transfer to provide AR15Discounts with current, signed and dated copies of the FFL and SOT and to verify the FFL holder will do the transfer.
  2. Once has the current FFL and SOT, we will verify the information is current and submit a Form 3 application to the ATF. Please note that this process can take 6 weeks or longer for approval.
  3. After receives the Form 3 approval back from the ATF, your order will be processed and shipped to the address listed on the FFL.
  4. Once the FFL holder receives the suppressor, you and the FFL holder will submit the Form 4 application to the ATF to get the suppressor transferred to you. Please note that this process can take 9-12 months for approval.

For any legal questions in regards to purchasing a suppressor, please contact the NFA branch at the ATF.

For the link to a Form 4 please click the link provided below. We do prefer that you come into the retail store to fill this out with our retail staff to ensure it is filled out properly.