Blitzkrieg Tactical 12 Position Ambidextrous Safety Selector

SKU# 1841 | by Blitzkrieg Tactical
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The "Osprey" is a Sixty (60) degree selector for the AR-15/LR308 platforms. 

The Osprey is a unique Ambi selector in that each lever has (12) different positions of adjustment. Additionally, the levers are different sizes, which allows the user to put the standard or shorter lever on either their strong or support sides.

The Osprey is ambidextrous, easy to install, utilizes a mil-spec detent, and comes with a torx wrench for installation. 

The Osprey is a selector which allows you to transition from fire to safe with no muzzle deviation and can be utilized by right or left handed shooters.

The Osprey is manufactured using hardened steel and aircraft grade aluminum for the levers right here in the USA.

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