Founded by U.S Marines, if the name already didn’t give it away, Camaron (Military Police & Bomb Dog Handler) and Bob "Charp" Charpinsky (Infantry) each served in Iraq and went on to become Police Officers.  Both still active Law Enforcement Officers, a Patrol Sergeant and a Training Officer, had been teammates on a multi-jurisdiction SWAT team for over decade.

Running drills one day, and getting tired of the ineffectiveness of the standard charging handle, the question came up how to make the AR platform a Side Charger without having to rebuild or modify the rifle, yet durable enough for Law Enforcement or Military operation.

Originally, the plan was to create a couple units we could use for ourselves.  Starting a company and venturing the entrepreneur path was never an intended one.  However, the final product spoke for itself and it was clear we needed to figure out how to bring this to market.  Devil Dog Concepts and the Hard Charger; AR-15 Side Charging Handle System were born.

It has truly been amazing these years hearing from customers and reading hundreds of amazing reviews!  We feel truly blessed and will continue to strive to develop innovative products to bring to you.

We can’t thank each of you enough for your support of not only Devil Dog Concepts and our products, but your support of our brothers and sisters in Law Enforcement, the Military, all First Responders, their families, and this country as well!

We personally want to thank all of those who currently serve and have served, thank you for your service!