KNS Precision, Inc: a company of service and commitment. It all began in the Spring of 1999 when Brooks Scheuer, a lifelong hunter, gun enthusiast, and black powder competitor, had an idea for a rifle front sight that would not only improve his shooting accuracy, but also improve other shooters’ accuracy. Brooks went to a fellow church member whom he knew was a master machinist. When Brooks presented his idea of a crosshair front sight for an AR15/M16 to Fred Kager, owner of Kager Industries, Brooks told Fred, “If you can make these, I can sell ’em”. Thus the adventure began. Fred immediately went to one of his Swiss CNC machines and produced a prototype of the sight. The design of the original prototype was so good that Brooks and Fred immediately put the part into production and came up with a game plan to sell it. Brooks contacted the NRA’s American Rifleman magazine and submitted a New Product Review. In the meantime, Brooks, who was still working as a draftsman for a local architect, was assembling sights in his barn at night.

KNS Precision, Inc. manufactures and sells some of highest quality parts and accessories for many different firearms. We pride ourselves on developing innovative products that increase reliability and prevent failures. All KNS Precision, Inc. products have a lifetime warranty and are backed by our extensive customer service.