Originally an importer of Russian-made firearms, the company began manufacturing its own guns — based on the Russian specifications — after the US government banned their importation. Today, the company produces a wide variety of semi-auto AK pattern rifles, shotguns and pistols for the US civilian marketplace.  All of them are manufactured in America, by American workers, using high quality US-made barrels, receivers, trunnions, bolts and other components.  Every gun is test-fired and receives a final quality control inspection before being shipped.

Kalashnikov USA is the manufacturer of true, authentic AK platform firearms here in the USA. We bring the best of both worlds together by building our firearms on the original Russian designs and adding American innovation to the manufacturing process. We are dedicated and passionate about what we create. This passion about our products and the way we build them is company-wide with meticulous scrutiny in our builds down to the last rivet. We know our customers desire the best Russian-designed firearms and we’re proud to deliver. Russian heritage. American Ingenuity.